Why I Started Making Jewelry


I happened upon jewelry as a natural forward-moving process I suppose. Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time know I have a deep love of stone.

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Add to that I couldn’t find a tasteful pink necklace anywhere (I know, I know, that’s something of an oxymoron I’ve been told) so I started looking at beads. I didn’t know if I could do it with these old hands but I’m finding it to be easy, natural. And I love it. 

I see I have patience for semi-precious stone. I love holding it my hands and, like painting, the necklaces come, free from constraints, abstract. 

As I work I think of 7th generation master weaver Irvin Trujillo’s remembrances about his father, Jacobo, also a master weaver. He taught Irvin to leave an imperfection somewhere in his weavings. Because the eye will falter over the flaw and the brain has to stop to really take it in. I like to think my necklaces create that kind of tension. The kind that confuses the eye for a moment as the brain catches up.